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Nearly every service your children need is available in our community. The best way to find them is through the Whole Child Connection.

Whole Child Profile

Get access to:

Adult Health

Adult Literacy

After-School Programs and Activities

Animal Control


Child Abuse Prevention

Child Care / Preschool Organizations

Child Health

Child Safety

Children with Special Needs

Code Enforcement

Community Activities- Cultural and the Arts

Community Activities- Faith Based, Religious

Community Activities- Mentoring

Community Activities- Neighborhood Support Groups

Community Activities- Parks and Recreation

Community Activities- Volunteering

Community Support Groups


Dentists Serving Young Children

Developmental Screening

Domestic Violence Prevention

Drug, Alcohol, or Substance Abuse

Emergency Services- Clothing

Emergency Services- Food

Emergency Services- Other

Emergency Services- Shelter

Employment Assistance

Family Practice / Internists

Financial Counseling

Hearing Screening



Infant / Child Behavioral and Mental Health Screening

Involving Parents in Early Literacy

Job Training

Law Enforcement

Legal Assistance

Mental Health Education and Support

Mental Health Services

Neighborhood Crime Watch

Nutritional Guidance


Parenting Education / Advocacy


Planning and Zoning

Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care- Nutritional Counseling

School Readiness

Speech Language Evaluation / Physical, Occupational and Other Therapies


Vision Screening

Women's Health Needs